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Godzilla Anthology Bonus Pack - 13 discs of rare Godzilla movies & extras on DVD

Part Number 143
Godzilla Anthology Bonus Pack - 13 discs of rare Godzilla movies & extras on DVD
Godzilla Anthology Bonus Pack - 13 discs of rare Godzilla movies & extras on DVD
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Supplemental set for the Godzilla Anthology. Ships in a protective DVD case (see pic). No case artwork but discs have custom artwork.
Some discs are VHS transfers but the video quality is good.

Disc 1: Godzilla vs the Sea Monster: original Japanese version(with english subtitles) and orginal english dub. Bonus: original japanese trailer at begining of japanese version and promo at end.

Disc 2: Son of Godzilla original english dub. Bonus material: original japanese trailer at begining of film, promo at end, trailer galleries, promo/art galleries, scifi creature featurette

Disc 3: Destroy All Monsters original Japanese Version and original AIP English Dub. (This original english dub is very old print so the coloring is a little dull and some scenes are a little dark but its not too bad. ) Bonus materials: promos, trailers, international trailers, extended fight scene, poster/art/promotional/still galleries, other toho trailers.

Disc 4: Godzilla vs Hedorah original japanese version and original AIP english Dub(the version with "Save the Earth/Return" in english.) Bonus features: Japanese and english Trailers, behind the scenes footage, save the earth music video, extended intro, karaoke track.

Disc 5: Godzilla vs gigan original japanese version, godzilla vs megalon original japanese version. ( all japanese versions are subtitled in english) bonus features: trailers at begining of films, promo at end of godzilla vs gigan, tons of godzilla and various toho trailers, art/poster/promotional still galleries, jet jaguar song karaoke, (some of the bonus features are at the end of the film not seperate from the films)

Disc 6: Godzilla 85 original japanese version and original english version(the raymond burr version) bonus features: japanese and english trailers, still galleries, trailers and still galleries for godzilla vs king kong.

Disc 7: Rare Gigantis, The Fire Monster VHS. This movie is also known as Godzilla raids again. This version Actually has the original Gigantis opening Title credits at the begining. In later versions a 1980's title screen that says "Godzilla raids again" was used.

Disc 8: "Destroy All Monsters". It includes both the commentary track and the AIP dubbed version. There are also 2 trailers (promos) included.

Disc 9: Very rare Godzilla vs. Megalon DVD released that had special features included (audio commentary, Ted Thomas interview, etc.)

Disc 10: Godzilla vs Megalon - rare English version and a bonus feature: Teruyoshi Nakano interview special. He was the special effects guy for the 70's Godzilla movies. The interview is in Japanese, with no English subtitles though.

Disc 11: GODZILLA 2014 Special Features...
- Monarch: Declassified
- Operation: Lucky Dragon - Monarch: Declassified
- Monarch: The M.U.T.O. File - Monarch: Declassified
- The Godzilla Revelation - Monarch: Declassified
- The Legendary Godzilla
- Godzilla: Force of Nature
- A Whole New Level Of Destruction - The Legendary Godzilla
- Into The Void: The H.A.L.O. Jump - The Legendary Godzilla
- Ancient Enemy: The M.U.T.O.s - The Legendary Godzilla

Disc 12: Godzilla 1954 original movie from BFI (British Film Institute) with English commentary and extra features. Hard-to-find Region 2 DVD transferred to play on all DVD players.

Bonus disc: Godzilla 85 making of featurette, Godzilla vs Bambi short film.
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