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Shaun Costello collection - 5 disc set

Part Number 106
Shaun Costello collection - 5 disc set
Shaun Costello collection - 5 disc set
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No case - discs ship in paper sleeves.

NOTE: The title "DARK SIDE OF DANIELLE" on disc 3 is blank. There is a 6th disc included in this set, with the complete movie on a separate disc.

900 Minutes.  5 disc box set 15 feature films first time on DVD!
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another round of Times Square’s 42nd Street XXX Sleaze Cinema! Director SHAUN COSTELLO (a.k.a Russ Carlson, Warren Evans, Amanda Barton) was a prolific porn director contracted by AVON to produce the most depraved cinema he could come up with! And boy does he deliver! Here are 16 of his unique, highly entertaining and unforgettable cinematic gems! All uncut, uncensored and unapologetic! 5 DISCS-16 HOURS OF FILTHY XXX FOOTAGE! Titles Include:

1975. 60 Minutes. Director: Shaun Costello. Cast: Marlene Willoughby, Shaun Costello.
Teenage biker scum kidnap the busty 14yr. old daughter of a pretentious New York couple. It’s actually a ploy by the wife (Marlene Willoughby). The daughter and her slut friends take revenge on mom and dad in an orgy of incestual cocksucking and severe whipping. The highpoint occurs when Shaun Costello fucks the daughter’s little ass.

1977. 60 Minutes. Director: Shaun Costello. Cast: Jennifer Jordan, Vanessa Del Rio, Annie Sprinkle, Bobby Astyr, Shaun Costello.
Shaun Costello interrogates Jennifer Jordan about a human slave-auction scam. Some great footage: Vanessa Del Rio double fucked in her ass and cunt; a guy blows his wad on the TV screen to spite his bitchy wife; Vanessa tied up licking ass; a slave auction with Bobby Astyr jumping around like a hyperactive ape! Annie Sprinkle makes an appearance and more in this colorful Shaun Costello offering.

Cast: Marlene Willoughby.
A busty pigtailed teen reads her parents kinky sex diary. After being broken in when two of daddy’s friends stop by, her own parents wake her to explore her nubile body.

1976. 60 Minutes. Director: Shaun Costello. Cast: C.J. Laing.
C.J. Laing receives the death card (black skull and crossbones), foreboding symbol of her forthcoming sacrifice. Now she masturbates, reminiscing upon her initiation into the death cult. Two men in black leather masks whip her bloody. Filthy talk and graphic cum-shots follow. Later, C.J. is strapped into a chair with an electrified dildo up her cunt. More foul fucking primes her for the inevitable death ritual.

1977. 60 Minutes. Director: Shaun Costello. Cast: Al Levitzsky.
Al Levitzsky is Dan McCord, Private Investigator, hired to find a mysterious young woman named Susan. But wait a minute…he just had a one-night stand with a girl who sounds exactly like this Susan, and she gave him the wildest sex imaginable. McCord investigates, locates the people whose lives have been touched by Susan, and flashbacks show the viewer the incredible group sex the young nymphet inspired. She comes into people’s lives, changes them forever, and then disappears.


1971. 83 Minutes.
Written and directed by Helmut Richler (Shaun Costello). Cast: Tim Long (Harry Reems), Laura Cannon.
Pre-Deep Throat fame, Harry Reems plays a shell-shocked vet just back from Vietnam, pumping gas and following women home after they use his service station. He forces them into sex at knifepoint as he unleashes a torrent of verbal abuse, climaxing in stabbings. Forced Entry features some of the most hate driven talk ever documented on film. Harry threatens to cut the eyes out of a bewildered trampy girl (Laura Cannon) as she gives him head. He screams about shit on his dick after he anally violates his next victim. Making the movie even more disturbing is the unrelenting Vietnam atrocity footage interspersed throughout. The sex scenes are imaginativel y photographed in a post-psychedelic manner, graphic and blunt. The cast is fleshed out by freak era, big titted actresses.

1976. 60 Minutes. Director: Shaun Costello.
The Mayor attempts to clean the city of prostitution. Hookers pose as girlscouts. A black john demands two whores give his fat cock and balls the royal slobber treatment. A pony- tailed teen sells cookies to a kinky husband/wife combo. Ends with S/M orgy. Good use of foul-mouthed voiceover.

1977. 60 Minutes. Director: Shaun Costello. Cast: Sharon Mitchell, Marlene Willoughby.
A married couple plot to have their 14-year-old daughter (Sharon Mitchell) committed to a mental institution for nymphomania, so that they can steal her inheritance. Features good acting-Marlene Willoughby is brilliant-wicked humor, and explosive raunchy sex. If you have never seen two cocks fuck a pussy before, you will see it performed in this Shaun Costello production.

1981. 78 Minutes. C.J. Laing, Ashley Moore, Roseanne Farrow.
A Warren Evans film (made under the Russ Carlson pseudonym). Roger Caine plays private eye Dan McCord and his case involves finding a missing wife caught up in a white slavery ring. The film opens with an incredibly hot scene between Richard and Eileen Anserm, played by uncredited Russ Carlson and Roseanne Farrow-earlier seen in Two Lives of Jennifer, also a Russ Carlson grinder. C.J. plays Barbara Benedict, mistress to Russ and best friend of his wife, who arranges for Sultana (black starlet Gloria Todd) and her thug henchmen (Herschel Savage and Dave Ruby) to kidnap and drug Roseanne. When Caine discovers the November conspiracy of Coney Island, his pal Lefty Jacobs (Ashley Moore) clues him in on the ‘housewives to the middle East’ slave ring and the powerful U.T. 13 drug, courtesy of a film featuring uncredited R. Bolla. C.J. gets hers via a bondage sandwich scene, but Russ arrives too late to find his wife.

A writer discovers his wife has a secret life with another husband. He attempts to sell his latest story; his account of his investigation into her kinky other personality.

1978. Cast: Sharon Mitchell.
A group of sex cultist find their leader has been done in. A young new leader rounds up all the fanatics for the re-initiation process. He drugs them one by one and orders them to fulfill all his wishes…



1975. 60min. Director: Shaun Costello. Cast: John Leslie, Marlene Willoughby.
Claudia, a girl from Greenwich Village, clones famous film star’s cocks and makes a mint through extortion. The men bribe a cop and get their revenge in an orgy of whipping, screaming and cock slapping.

1975. 80min. Jamie Gillis, C.J. Laing, Eric Edwards, Marlene Willoughby, Gloria Leonard, Sharon Mitchell, Long Jeanne Silver.
A taboo-breaking film dealing with enemas and scat. An antisocial, troubled and confused Jamie Gillis peeks at his stewardess neighbor. Frustrated, he heads to an S&M massage parlor, where Eric Edwards and Marlene Willoughby play a sadistic doctor and nurse. They give a bound and gagged girl a disciplinary high colonic. After viewing this scene, Gillis’ gaskets are blown. He goes bonkers, haunting 42nd Street adult bookstores, buying slick enema mags, muttering, “that’s where it’s at…water and power!” Now crazed and overheated, Gillis goes on a nozzle rampage, beginning with his stewardess neighbor, progressing to two schoolgirls, and ending with undercover cop C.J. Laing in handcuffs. Completely uncut version.

+ 5 Bonus Trailers! 

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